Friday, February 29, 2008

Princess Day with Chloe and Avery

Eva Grace gets tired of Emma always getting to go places she can't go. Since Emma has started Kindergarten these occasions happen more frequently. To help Eva Grace not feel so left out we decided she could have a "princess day" with her friends. So, she invited Chloe and Avery to get dressed up in their princess dresses, go get their nails and hair done and go out to eat. The girls had fun and looked sweet in their dresses and tiaras. The people in the restaurant really enjoyed us as we allowed the girls to "explore" while wearing their hard plastic dress up shoes on the tiled floor - I think at times it was as loud as banging on pots and pans. They really were cute!

Lemon juice and Uncle Adam

Eva Grace and Uncle Adam have this thing they do in restaurants where they drink lemon juice. They do this similiar to the way people do shots. I am amazed that Eva Grace will do it, but there aren't many challenges she won't attempt!
First - open it
Next - drink it
Then - Ahhhkkkk
THen - drink, drink
Line up your accomplishments as you go.
That's how it's done.