Monday, March 31, 2008

Eva Grace has a song for everything

The other night Eva Grace got in trouble for hitting Emma. I sent her to her room where she proceded to belt out a song - she sings all day long. This time it was a song she made up to the tune Farashaka (sp?) and it went like this "I don't like Mommy, I don't like Mommy, I don't like Mommy, I don't like Mommy, I don't like Mommy, I don't like MOmmy, I don't like MOmmy, I don't like Mommy!"

Friday, March 21, 2008

Where is Uncle Andrew?

Uncle Andrew is in the Navy and currently deployed to Japan. Eva Grace was talking about how she missed him and asked where Japan was. I told her it was far, far, away from us. Then she said, "So, Andrew is in Heaven with Jesus!" I assured her he was far away, but not that far!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A suprise find!

Today I was talking to Joslyn on the phone and I noticed sounds coming from my laundry room, eventually the door came open and out came a cat. We don't have a cat! Eva Grace had brought the neighbors cat in our house and hid him while she went to play in her bedroom!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eva Grace and her cell phone

Eva Grace was in hillarious mode today. I didn't need exercise because I got a workout from laughing at her all day. Her new thing lately is talking on her cell phone (a pretend princess cell phone). This evening we were in the car driving to eat at Salsa's for dinner and she was talking to her friend, Wyatt on her phone. She told Burt that Wyatt wanted to talk to him so Burt took the phone and said, "we don't talk to boys" and hung up on him. Eva Grace got on to Burt and said in her serious voice, "Daddy, Wyatt is a sweet boy. I like Wyatt." A second later, her phone rang again, this time it was Wyatt's mom and she wanted to talk to Burt because she wasn't happy he hung up on Wyatt!

When we arrived at the restaurant Eva Grace's phone rang in the parking lot. She answered it and talked on it as she entered the restaurant, as we were seated, and as we ordered. She was serious in conversation but would pause, as I do, to take care of business such as ordering her food and drink- and Emma's drink, then go back to her phone call. My words can't do this justice, I wish everyone could have been there to see, you would have gotten your exercise for the day too!

Eva Grace and Wyatt

Today was Eva Grace's Easter party at school. This is her and her friend, Wyatt. This is a sweet picture because Eva Grace does not like boys. She doesn't want to sit by them, talk to them, play with them, and usually doesn't talk fondly of any of them -except Wyatt. "He is a sweet boy," she says (and he really is). She says she doesn't like the other boys at school because they are always getting in trouble, but Wyatt doesn't. Burt has taught her that boys are yukky and she believes him, all except for Wyatt "he's a sweet boy."

Friday, March 7, 2008


Eva Grace was excited to play in the snow so she went and got her clothes on (Emma's swim suit cover up skirt, rain boots with no socks, hat, gloves, sunglasses, and no coat). I don't know exactly what she thinks snow is but we had to revise her snow gear a little before she went to play. She had a blast. Her favorite parts were tearing down Emma's snowmen and throwing snowballs at everyone. You have to zoom in (double right click) on this photo of Eva Grace's pre snow gear to get the full hysteria of this moment.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

An Eva Grace Story *Annie Movie, Take 1

Annie is Eva Grace's favorite movie and she practically has it memorized! Do you remember the part where the boys are picking on the dog and Annie comes to his rescue? She doubles up her fists and says "Alright, who's next?" then after whooping them all she says "Anybody else?" Well, the other day Emma wouldn't leave Eva Grace alone. She kept pestering her and messing with her until finally Eva Grace doubled up her fists and said with her teeth grinded together, "Alright, whose next?" then she proceeded to punch Emma (and busted her lip), then added "Anybody else?"

Missing shoes

This morning was a typical Eva Grace morning. It takes her forever to get ready, not because she won't get up out of bed but because she has her own time table, no hurry. It drives me crazy but doesn't bother her at all! My child also has an issue with shoes, she either doesn't wear them, has them on the wrong feet or loses them - not both of them just one of them. How does one have a dozen pair of shoes with a dozen shoes missing??? I don't know but she does. They are truly lost too, I can't even find them. Then comes the time to look for them because we have to have at least one pair to wear out the door - so, how does she look for it????? Well, she looks in the craziest places they would never be such as on top of the kitchen table,in the bathroom trash can, in the towel cabinet, in the bathtub, behind the playroom mirror (hanging on the wall), etc..... Let me just say, losing only on shoe is far more aggrivating than both of them being misplaced.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

School Spring Performance

Eva Grace had a spring performance at her school. It was a 50's theme and everyone was supposed to dress up (right up our alley). We made her poodle skirt together. She loved picking out every little detail. We had to put a flower on her poodle's neck so it would be a girl puppy "she doesn't like boys." AFter we got the skirt finished she decided we needed to make her a shirt to match. So our 30 minute project took all afternoon to complete. The performance was really cute. Eva Grace definatly didn't have any performance anxiety as you can tell in the blurry picture above. Below she is hugging her friends Sophie and Lucy (her friend Wyatt didn't want his picture made)!