Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daddy, how do you do that?

We knew we would eventually face this situation, we just thought it would be with Emma first but we were wrong. Tonight Eva Grace was in our bed watching a movie. The way our newly positioned bed is you can see our bedroom bathroom from our bed. Burt forgot this and went to use the bathroom. As Eva Grace figured out what he was doing (peeing standing up) she curiously yells to Burt, "Daddy, how do you do that?" Burt, realizing she can see him, responds, "practice and magic." That answer was sufficient for now but I'm sure I will have related stories to share as soon as she decides to "practice" or tells Emma what Daddy was doing.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Driving Miss Gracie

Today we went to Hornersville, Missouri because the girls have been wanting to pick some watermelons and cantaloupes. Burt's Grandpa used to let him drive on the old gravel roads when he was little so he thought he would let the girls give it a try. Afterwards, he made the comment that one day Eva Grace is going to cost him a lot of cars!

My girls haven't ridden on many gravel roads so on the way home this conversation took place.

Eva Grace: "Daddy, the dirt is chasing us."

Burt: "I just turned the rockets on, Grace."

Eva Grace: "Well turn them on faster because it is right behind us."

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Angel Kisses

I love freckles on little girls. Emma has had them for a few years and we always awe over them. We call them angel kisses and she still thinks that an angel kissed her and made each freckle. Well, the other day I noticed that there are some adorable new little angel kisses on Eva Grace's face. We made a big deal about this so she would feel special and she is very proud of them.

I should have known that angel kisses wouldn't be enough for her! This morning while getting ready for church she informed me that each of her angel kisses were a symbol of a super power. "This one allows me to kill dragons. This one allows me to kill tigers, and this one allows me to kill the big bad wolfs." She also informed me that she needs another one because she still needs the power to get back home after accomplishing these major tasks!

Wow Update

IF you didn't read the previous story about Jesus and Joseph, this is a follow up story - so make sure you read that one first.

We thought after several attempts to correct Eva Grace's view of the story of Joseph that she would surely have it.

Me: Who did you learn about at Bible School?

EG: JEsus and Jochef

ME: What happened to Jochef... JOseph?

EG: His brothers put him in the well?

ME: Was it a "WELL" or a "WHALE?"

EG: A well.

ME: Good! Did Joseph get out of the well?

EG: No, the well shut his mouth and Jochef couldn't get out of the teeth!


EG: UHH HUH, a Joseph was stuck in the well.

we are still working on this..... She does understand the difference between a well and a whale but still thinks Jochef was thrown into the whale because that is what her teacher said. (Jenny Box, sweet teacher, the next time you see my child will you PLEASE tell her differently. Apparently, my word is not good enough!)

Monday, July 14, 2008

WOW adventures.....

Each year we go to Southwest Church of Christ's VBS, also known as WOW. Eva Grace got home tonight and I asked her what she learned about,

She replied, "Jesus and Joshef."

me: "What did Jesus and Joseph do?"

EG: "Joshef's mom and dad pushed him in the water, in the whale and he couldn't get out."

me: "They pushed Joseph in what."

EG: "The whale, you know the big fish, and he couldn't get out."

I was rolling, the rest of the car ride home we discussed the difference between WELLS and Whales! (we also discussed that his brothers pushed him in the well, not his mom and dad.)

Friday, July 4, 2008

The busy life!

Eva Grace is having a very busy summer. This week she has started swimming lessons at the YMCA with 4 of her other good friends - Sophie Ramsey, Lucy Box, Chloe Reed and Avery Collins. After lessons we usually either go eat or attend on of her other many social functions.