Sunday, September 14, 2008

Watering the Flowers

Eva Grace wanted to go in the back yard to water the flowers. This is her uniform for doing such a task! A bicycle helment and swimsuit, worn backwards, of course!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Eva Grace's update on school today!

EvGrace is LOVING school! Here is her update from today! (I am typing as she is sitting in my lap dictating) You know who got to be the line leader - she did! Big deal, woo hoo! Very exciting! Lucy got to be the caboose- also a big deal. Sophie was behind Eva Grace - who was wearing a beautiful shirt and hairbow today. Carson was behind Sophie. She didn't have to bring her lunch box today because we don't bring our lunches on Wednesdays. Mrs. Kelly will color you happy if you behave and Mommy's will be happy. Mrs. Kelly will color you sad if you misbehave and the Mommy's will be sad at their honeys. Susannah wasn't there today because she went to Disney World! Wyatt couldn't sit criss cross applesauce so he sat with his knees up. In line Wyatt was behind Sophie and Carson was behind Wyatt. The class got to play with shaving cream on the tables and now her hands still smell like shaving cream. Mrs. Kelly said this would clean the tables like soap. Peyton was happy today but Xander was sad. They got to eat snacks in the cafeteria, which is a big deal too! Everyone got to help carry the snacks to the cafeteria but the girls had to watch Wyatt because he is little. They got to watch a movie today and Wyatt fell asleep. They woke him up with a horn. (?) A pink horn.

I love school, picking Eva Grace up and hearing her stories (over and over and over) always brighten the day!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tom and Jerry replay

The other day Eva Grace was chasing Ella with the broom trying to pop her on the head. She was saying "Thomas, you bad, bad, cat." in the high pitched, southern voice like the lady on Tom and Jerry does. When I got on to her and sent her to her room she said, "To shay, pussycat. To shay." (spelling is off, don't know french spelling, sorry!)